In brightest day, in blackest night….

Superhero….Hmmmm…. supernatural powers….saving people….. bringing Justice…..

Yes , everybody admires a superhero. Right? We always want to be a hero to the people we love. It has always been a part of me , since my childhood. What’s my inspiration ? Ofcourse it was the tv shows I watched when I was a kid.

I love watching power rangers when I was a kid. You know right,. Stunning suits, Cool gadgets, catchy lines of course. More than that , saving people from danger has been embedded in my heart like an arrow. Be it any cartoon for that matter in those days, taught us valuable lessons that will be useful even after we get old.

Be it Billy and Mandy or Powerpuff girls. Animated shows always breaks the gender discriminations, which most of the cartoons now fails to do. Indian cartoons are the worst. They are often based on a hindu god, who will be a womanizer and also an Idol for love. I mean , what the heck is that ?

When we are kids we are very vulnerable to anything that appears in idiot box. When we see a film or a show based on wrestling, we do practice wrestling at home though they say not to. You got it right, if the hero steals the clothes from women in the show then eventually the kids too try it. (Hare rama, Hare Krishna)

So coming back to superheros. The person who you admire is very important because they influence you. I was so much influenced by Ben Ten who fights crimes and saves not only the people he loved but literally everyone.

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman for that matter gave me hope more than anybody else in my life. How poor you may be you can still live your life to the utmost level of happiness by helping people. He even taught how to handle betrayal and break ups…if it helps !

There will always be a superhero to help me get out of the voidness of life. Then it was superman now it’s Periyar,Ambedkar,Marx, Darwin and it goes on…

So , superheros had been a part of me from my childhood and I always wish to be one, even now.

To be a hero you don’t need to have supernatural powers to save people, you can be a superhero by spreading love, asking questions without following anything blindly, educating people, withholding the social justice, breaking stereotypes, disintegrating patriarchy, practicing equity and bringing out A Revolution.

Eradicate poverty not hunger.

The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.” – Karl Marx

Stop talking it’s about time we change it for better.

Educate, organize, revolt – Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

It’s about time !

Special thanks to my good friend and editor Lavanya.


Demigods of mischief

I was so moody and dull until I saw a flying kite.

It was sometime in the beginning of February. Life asusual was not treating me very well. I was riding my cycle in the breezy evening. That was when I saw a kite hovering above the clouds , like a kid running around mama to get chocolates in a Christmas evening. That lonely kite hovering in the sky above kindled my emotions and I started to feel nostalgic.

I became that little young boy who wandered around the streets of the temple city, with his friends who were all crazier than him. Life was so happy back then like a pack of chocolates. It was summer break and was a golden period of 90’s kids.
We had lots of games back then which were endangered and forgotten eventually after the smartphone age. There was not even a single minute in which we were alone, on those days. We friends always hanged out together and whatever mischiefs happened in the streets were always because of us.

We were demi gods of mischief , back then. We didn’t carry gadgets but , always carried a smile which illuminated like a million sun. We often came up with games to play. Sometimes, we even invented something out of nowhere.

It was JUNE. The perfect time for flying kites. We all had kites in our home. Some do it by themselves others get it in the shops. But in our street we always prefer our own hands. We reached the tallest building in our street to fly kites. Back then, we never needed permission to play in other people’s houses in our street.

We don’t just fly kites and like I already told above that we were demi gods of mischief. We battle with kites that belongs to the kids of our neighbouring streets. We never settle down without defeating them. The battle is that if we cut the threads of their kites, then the kite belongs to us , and this applies to them too. But believe me we were not defeated, not even once. We savagely cut off the threads of their kites and we confidently placed people to get the kites when it fell down. But the fun part never ends there. After this full fledged episode, we get a gang war.

This is where the plot thickens. Ha ha…. Yeah! We kinda go godfather on them all. We even got into fights often for cutting their threads with a special kind of thread called ‘Manja

It may look rude and immoral to cut off their threads with manja but, we were kids. Not just that but ‘Demigods of mischief

And in the end of the day, everybody were happy and united. We talk about these episodes on the sand dunes which were poured outside our home. The happiness we shared back then with all our friends is unimaginable nowadays.

This write up is because of the simple kite with a long tail that flew above my head which took me back to my beautiful childhood days.

Exquisite Kites that we used to fly. You may have been forgotten by others but you’re still flying in the hearts of mischief demigods.

Avec amour, J R W (A Demigod who cannot forget the past)

Revolution begins at homeπŸ”₯

So where do you think oppression on women starts ?

School, college, public places ?

NO !


Stupid as it may seem to some, but the truth is painful.

So, me and my friend, Casually talked about being a rebel and stuff. She constantly kept talking about the restrictions that she faces in her home and how she fights against her parents and ends up being depressed and alone.

She told me “What will I do ? Other than to cry my soul out

I often used to call her Savitribhai phule.

A true rebel if you ask me !

I searched for answers and ended up writing this !

Who is a true rebel ? You may ask.

A rebel is not one who keeps on talking about the oppression and labels them as a rebel. But, The one who questions the stereotype, the one who steps out of this metaphorical cage the mankind has built.

“NO is the answer you were seeking”

Try saying ‘NO‘ for things which don’t make sense to you.

Start with a ‘NO‘ and end up with creating a revolution.

When a woman says ‘NO‘ is where a true ‘Rebel‘ born !

Remember this, It’s not a war ! Where you hope for a permanent victory.

This fighting I am talking about is a continuous struggle and you must keep on struggling without giving up !

Never label yourself as a rebel, but show them you’re one ! You may fall But remember this, you will RISE again !

Liberation is possible only when, One thinks to STEP OUT !

STEP OUT ! There are places, where you had never been !

STEP OUT ! There are people, who you had never met !

STEP OUT ! There are dresses, you had never wore !

STEP OUT ! So this world may see the burning rage in your eyes !


And be A REBEL

The starry night πŸŒŒπŸŒŸ


lately, I’ve been thinking to write about an artist, A genius to be precise. He is none other than Vincent Van Gogh. The man who painted the infamous painting ‘The Starry night‘ from an asylum’s window. It is considered to be the magnum opus of Vincent. You all may think why Vincent van Gogh suddenly? It’s through a film I get to know about Vincent van Gogh.

‘Loving Vincent ‘ is such a beautifully made film, which was made by 100 handpicked artists. I think they are so obsessed with Vincent more than me. They must Because, He is the pioneer of what we call now the ‘modern art‘. If you’re reading this without ignoring and if you like films then it’s definitely a movie which you mustn’t ignore.

Okay back to Vincent. I started to get so obsessed with ‘The starry night’ because It’s unbelievably beautiful and looks…looks so REAL. So I started to think what’s this guy used to paint and what makes it unique among all and started to research a little and Find out this amazing video on youtube.

I found out that he solved some unanswerable questions in mathematics using ART. Genius isn’t he? Yes indeed. I don’t know why people like him, face a tragedic death. He shot himself and died after a few days. His last words were “The sadness will last forever” as said by his younger brother Theo.

If we live long enough, Life can bring down even the strong” – Loving Vincent

I’ve been staring at ‘The Starry Night’ for hours. Still, It never fails to fascinate me. Though I don’t know much about art, I cannot take my eyes of the painting. Guess what he said was right.

β€œI want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly’.”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh

Yes, The man, The myth, The legend felt tenderly and deeply. You can see it in his painting, If you think am mad.

People thought that he was a madman awake. No, They were all wrong. By what I can see is that He was a dreamer awake.

Vincent about ‘The starry night’ to his brother,

β€œI don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.”
― Vincent Van Gogh

I’ll be glad if you comment below how you felt while seeing ‘The starry night’ by Vincent van Gogh

Γ€ mon ami πŸ’™

Any two persons cannot be friends forever. Not even for a day or a minute. It really needs this magic to bring two souls together to bound in this relationship for eternity. People often say that love is more complicated than friendship, But the truth is it’s NOT.
There is this criminal named possessiveness , in the dreamland named friendship. A dangerous one indeed ! But an essential evil sometimes, Crazy i know. What’s fun in friendship without a little possessiveness.
Silence is the most dangerous punishment one can give to his/her friend. It is equal to hanging you fifteen times from the top of the angel falls and still not facing death.


But at the sametime there is no other relationship that’s stronger than friendship.

You cannot deny this fact !

Love your friends, No matter what they do to you. Smile, so they know you’re not just a random person who takes pain from you.

Be it sharing the heaven or facing an armageddon BE THERE for them !

Avec amour, Williams

Toy box πŸ—ƒ!

I am pretty sure,that everybody would have had a toy box,when they were kids. If not , atleast I wish that they had one. Recently , I found my toy box, from another old huge box , covered with dust of a decade. I got rid of those dust and found my favourite toy box,lying dead beneath an age old blanket.

To me death means when you’re completely forgotten by everyone. Then without hesitation , I resurrected my toy box from death.
So , what do you think , I found in that toy box ? Toys ? Not quite !

In the box,there was a well rounded pebble,a broken pen,WWE trump cards,a broken beyblade and a marble. These things don’t mean anything to others but , for me they were my world once. Things from the past may kindle your nostalgic feelings related towards those things.

Indeed ! They did. That pebble was my favourite stone when I was thirteen . I stole it from my relative’s house from a fish tank just because it looked beautiful. That broken pen was bought for my final exams and I broke it when I completed those exams. Those Trump cards was our favourite game . All the kids from the whole street assembled in a place to play it , which happened to be my home often. And I proudly owned those cards.That beyblade had tasted my blood so many times. That marble was a prize given to me by my friend when i won a Gooli gundu marble match against my friend.
These things made me realise that I had a crazy childhood but , I almost pushed these memories to death by forgetting them , which means death for me but I resurrected some of them. I hope you all will resurrect your beautiful nostalgic memories too by remembering beautiful little things like this !!
I may have left it unopened but I opened it. Like this favourite line from a movie named ‘boyhood’

“Everyone always say ‘seize the moment’ ? I am kinda thinking it’s the otherway around. You know like ‘The moment seizes us !’

One night at periyar bus stand…🚢

This happened like three months back , when I was passing by the periyar bus stand. I was waiting for my friend to join me. A lady in her 30’s was staring at me for a long time and suddenly came closer and asked me “Do you want me to come with you ?” I didn’t answer and left that place immediately and went past a little.

When I looked at her again , she was asking the exact same thing to everyone who stood , there for a while.It was clear that she was a prostitute.Minutes passed and suddenly there were khakis showing up from one side and I watched closely because I was curious. She immediately started running when she felt that police were approaching towards her .Police chased her down gave severe beatings and she managed to run away from them and was nowhere to be found. I left the place when my friend arrived and went to buy some things. When I returned to the same spot to board the bus to my home.

I found the same woman who ran away , catching her life from police , was still asking everybody the very same thing she asked me.

I was fed up to see her again but at the same time i was very sad at the displeased life she was leading.I didn’t know whatelse to do about it but , to write about them and the miserable life they’re experiencing in the very same country, where we’re living a peaceful life.

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